David Lee




After 3 successful years of email marketing and graphic design for a real estate franchise sales group, the bottom fell out of the real estate market.   David decided to revisit why he called Wilmington home in the first place. He bought a kayak, and when he wasn’t exploring the marshlands of the Intracoastal with his camera, he began volunteering at a local food bank. While there, he was part of a team that worked with a local web design company to build the food bank’s new website.  Utilizing his prior tech-savvy design experience, he realized he also enjoyed managing creative projects.

After a few years of delving into freelance design and web content development, he joined the Colonial team. Wearing a pile of hats, and fueled by copious amounts of iced coffee, he’s the point of contact for the group; greeting clients, sending out press releases, updating the company website, and pushing out blog posts, all while managing the all-important ratings database.

When he’s not assisting clients with their digital and design needs, he’s drilling into the web for strategic information, reaching out to market contacts, and answering the phone in his best radio voice.